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Testimonials, Chemotherapy-Alopecia-Natural Hair Loss

Medical Hair Loss

For many who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, hair loss is one of the side effects they fear most. Here at Wig Wam we specialize in fitting you in a wig of your choice. Our goal is to fit you in a comfortable wig. We recommend a monofilament top or a hand tied wig for your medical needs.
When hair loss is a concerned our stylish monofilament/hand tied wigs are generally the wig of choice. Mono tops create the illusion of skin where the hair is parted to achieve the most natural realistic look. It looks just like your natural scalp taking on the color of your skin. The nature of the construction of the monofilament base is comfortable, light, and airy. The hair is 100% hand tied, strand-by-strand, the way the natural hair grows which enables styling versatility. Specially designed for those with moderate to severe hair loss but can be worn by anyone who wants to achieve a more natural look with comfort and styling versatility.
Our recommendations is to come into our shop prior to treatment for a consultation. Call today or stop in for a free consultation and one of our friendly sales help you select a wig of your choice