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Wig Maintenance

Wig Wam Hair proudly offers quality wig maintenance, to keep your new 'do looking as good as new. From cutting and trimming to tips for proper shampooing and drying, our wig maintenance leaves your wig looking perfect all day, every day

Wig Cutting

If your wig doesn't fit properly, we cut your hair to get the proper fit. Or, a more convenient route is getting a short haircut to make wig wearing a little easier. On premises we have a license hair dresses who can accomodate you hair cutting needs.

Style Your Wig

Synthetic wigs are already styled, but we can tweak here and there to make your wig fit your personal style. Human hair wigs, on the other hand, offer more hair styles, depending on the original cut and style of the wig.

Wig Maintenance

As a part of our wig maintenance services, we can wash and recondition your wig to keep it looking new and fresh. Ask about our special pricing. If you prefer to wash your wig yourself, we offer a few tips to keep it looking beautiful.
Model with Wig, Wig Maintenance in Westbury, NY

Simple Shampooing

1. Gently remove tangles by combing your hairpiece or brushing your wig with our special wig brush. For Curly wigs, use your fingers.
2. In a sink or basin, mix the desired amount of wig shampoo with cold water and immerse your wig. Gently swirl and let soak for approximately 5 minutes.
3. Rinse your wig by gently swirling it in cold water until all traces of shampoo is removed.


1. Once the wig is thoroughly rinsed, dilute the special conditioner according to directions on the back of the bottle.
2. Place your wig in the sink or basin and pour the conditioner over the wig
3. Gently pat until foamy.
4. Squeeze out excess but do not rinse

Easy Drying

1. Do not put your wig in a Styrofoam wig head to dry, instead towel-blot your wig. The wig will have a tendency to stretch when wet.
2. Lay your wig on a towel hair side up and let dry.
3. Turn the wig over when the fiber is dry to complete drying inside. If you place the wig outside in the sunshine, it should dry approximately in one hour. If you place your wig inside, you should leave it overnight to dry. Drying time also depends on the length and thickness of your wig.
4. After your wig has dried, shake it out gently and proceed to brush your wig with a wig brush. Put it on, touch it up a little, and go.
Model with Dark Red, Wig, Wig Maintenance in Westbury, NY
Model with Short Brown Wig, Wig Maintenance in Westbury, NY
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